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Hi, I'm Peter Wicklund -- luthier and owner of Wicklund Guitars. Wicklund Guitars is a one man
guitar shop that offers unique, handmade acoustic guitars
for players that are thinking about upgrading or adding to their collection, and may be considering one of the many high-end, factory produced guitars. My goal for Wicklund Guitars is to provide guitarists the benefits of a custom, handmade instrument -- high quality materials and craftsmanship, distinctive tone woods, design and aesthetics, excellent playability, and most importantly, amazing sound -- all at a price that is competitive with the high end, mass produced guitars coming from the best factories.

Please visit My Guitars page for more detailed pictures, video/audio samples, specifications and pricing. Also check my other pages for more information about me, my building philosophy, and details about the construction of my guitars.

Thanks again for visiting my site, and I appreciate your interest in Wicklund Guitars. And if you see a guitar that strikes a chord with you, or would like to discuss having a custom Wicklund Guitar built for you, please do not hesitate to call me (802-498-4191) or email me (paw@wicklundguitars.com).

Or if you live in or near Burlington, Vermont, or are just visiting Vermont, I would love to have you stop by my new shop/studio located in South Burlington at 180 Flynn Avenue (please call to make sure I’m in). I always have a few demo guitars to try out, and I would love to talk with you about making your special guitar a reality.